We're Getting Married!

So, this is it, the final countdown.... On Saturday, we'll be kicking off our shoes and dancing the night away.  This weekend we're getting married!!   My lovely Sarah and I have been together quite a while now, but we wanted to wait until we were able to get married, in the same way as other couples, the majority of couples we take photographs of.  

And now we're able to do that, which is just amazing (and we're very pleased to hear about the yes vote in Ireland just the other day!).  We're quite private folk, so maybe you don't already know we're together, but we wanted to be open and honest and to be able to share some of our plans with you.  We're lucky enough to have been to (as guests and as photographers), many gorgeous, fabulous weddings and we've seen many different and wonderful ideas.  We've witnessed amazing new beginnings and shared in those beautiful moments. 

But now we're getting married and the day is nearly upon us; we're doing it our way.  I proposed to Sarah when we were at the End of the Road Festival, which was an absolutely magical place.  It's such a fantastic gathering - tunnels of fairy lights in the trees, 70's flashing dance floor in the woods, peacocks flitting around, the best food, and of course the music.  So we wanted to bring a festival feel to our wedding day.  I'm sure some people may raise their eyebrows at some of our plans or our invitation with 'survival tips' suggesting guests bring midge repellent, sensible shoes and a sense of adventure, but the day is a reflection of what we love and our journey so far as a couple.  I know it's just going to be the most amazing day, surrounded by people we love and people who love us.  It may not have always been an easy road, telling family and friends we had fallen in love.  Were me and Sarah worried about people's reactions?  Truthfully, maybe sometimes.  I know we shouldn't.  But our families and friends have been very supportive, and we both feel very lucky for this.  And then, moving to Hebden Bridge was the icing on the cake - it's just the perfect place to live and to have our business and we couldn't wish to be anywhere better (although in the future I wouldn't say no to a small house in France to spend our winters!). 

So, the final days are counting down.  There are anxious moments, but this is outweighed by the ones where we have rushes of excitement, belly flips and happy tears. 

So, it's our turn to be on the other side of the camera, and when our lovely photographer has shared the photos with us, we'll share them with you too.

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