Experiments With Film

Just before Christmas last year, I bought an Olympus OM1 camera from the lovely folk at West Yorkshire Cameras (a wonderful place for all things film!). I wanted to experiment with it and use it for personal projects. But it has become much more than that.  I've mentioned it before in a post, but it is actually making me think so much more about the way I'm shooting.  It's making me slow down.  

There's a quiet and stillness before I press the shutter. There's no checking the back of the camera to see if I like the look of the exposure. And I love the process of sending the film off to be developed, and then the scans and prints arriving a few days later, a welcome change to bills and statements!  

I might start adding a little in our lifestyle work, but for now I'm just happy experimenting and exploring a different way of shooting.

Photos taken with a 50mm lens and Portra 400 film. Developed at CC Imaging.

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