New Friends, Cuckoos, and the Perfect Lunch.

We've been trying really hard to keep Mondays free.  It hasn't always worked, and a few shoots have been booked, and editing has happened, but I'm so glad we kept to it yesterday.  I woke up feeling a bit groggy, tired from a bad night's sleep and a smorgasbord of strange dreams.  I felt quite anxious about all the editing we have, and the preps for this week's shoots.  The thought crossed my mind that I didn't have time for a walk.  But thankfully another voice kicked in and kicked me out of bed!

Me and Suze went to call for Hannah and her daughter Ffion, and we popped over the road to knock for Abha (proper playing out going to call for people!).  We first met Abha at a street party a couple of weeks ago, and we had talked about having a walk all together.  Abha had made the most amazing dal (more of that later), so we topped up our flasks and started out on our adventure.  We walked up to Jumble Hole Clough.  We've been here a couple of times, and it really is one of the special places.  Apart from the occasional plane overhead, it felt like we were miles from anywhere.

There was a lot of pointing as we spotted beautiful plants and creatures, and there were good conversations as we walked, finding our way through the ferns and overgrown foliage by the side of the path.

We picked the perfect spot for our lunch and we tucked into the scrummiest dal.  Just as we'd finished eating, Hannah & Ffion had a little sing song, accompanied by a cuckoo echoing through the valley.  Such a beautiful sound!

We walked further up the valley.  Waterfalls, mills, lots of caterpillars, curlews, and a couple of walkers with a map who assured us we were on the right path when we decided to take a different route!

Who wants to be in the band?

Who wants to be in the band?

A few hours later, and we walked back into Hebden Bridge.  I'm so glad I got myself out and about, and now I feel inspired for the week ahead.  Being in the trees and in good company, the best start to the week!

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