Our Wedding

Over the past few months, with all that's going on in the world, me and Suzi, like a lot of people, have sometimes been affected by things out of our control, we've sometimes struggled to see the light. So, we've been trying to remind ourselves what matters to us. Recently, we've often come back from work to look at family photos, images from the past and present, and photos of our wedding weekend last year, a weekend full of love. When things are getting weird, tough, frightening in the world, just to come back to ourselves and be reminded of the love we have surrounding us from friends, family, and each other can be so powerful. I want to cherish that more and more each day. Last week, I looked at all our wedding photos again, and it brought back all that happiness and love. I've been wanting to write a blog about it for a while, but now seems to be the right time, and we've had quite a few folk asking us to show our photos lately, so we thought we'd share them here, and tell you a little bit about our days - yes, we had 2!!

Me and Suze have been together for quite a while now, and we wanted to wait until we could get married, in the same way as other couples. There were two venues near to Hebden Bridge that we absolutely loved, so we decided to incorporate them both into our celebrations, and spread this over the weekend. On the first day, we had the legal ceremony down at Gibson Mill surrounded by a small gathering of friends and family. In true West Yorkshire fashion, we had a lot of weather! We all walked through Hardcastle Crags to get to the venue.


We had quite a few tears, and a few giggles too when Suzi nearly married the Registrar by saying her vows to her!


And then - Day 2! First - the preps...

I had asked Fiona from Firenza Floral Designs to create a headpiece for me and I think my description was 'I'd just like some moss and twigs or something!' She ran with it, and created a thing of beauty - I loved it. Debbie from Zeitgeist placed it in my hair very expertly!

Meanwhile, my cousin Liz was with Suzi..


And then, a short walk through town to get the bus up to Wainsgate Chapel. It was a super way for us just to have a few chats with friends before the ceremony, and to take in the views. We asked the driver to take us onto the moors, so some of our friends from further afield could see the view from the tops! 

One of our favourite moments, was being greeted by the band Mr Wilson's & The Second Liners (they play 90's Hacienda classics in a New Orleans street band style!). They marched us down the lane to the chapel to Happy Mondays 'Step On'. That moment will stay with us forever! I've just been listening to this very tune whilst writing this - take a listen too if you fancy - I bet you'll be tapping your feet! https://soundcloud.com/mr-wilsons-secondliners/step-on


And then - to the ceremony. This was such an important part of it for us. We always wanted to do things our way, and writing our vows and tailoring this to fit who we are was a big thing for us. So when we met Jan from Celebration Ceremonies & Weddings for the first time and ate pancakes, we knew she was absolutely the right person. I've just read back through the ceremony and the readings, and I have  just shed a little tear. Our friend Shilpa and my sister Katy read perfectly, we shared our vows, and our friends Hannah, Ffion & Euan sang beautifully. I don't think either of us had anticipated how nervous we were going to be, but we just kept holding hands tightly.

And then we headed outside for dancing to Mr Wilson's, and some liquid refreshments!

Hannah had worked so hard to titivate the old school room where we held the reception, of course with lots of lights! We loved the lanterns from The Hanging Lantern Company.  It was such a treat to climb the stairs up to the room and see it all laid out, for a feast!

And Fiona had created beautiful florals for the tables.

After food (including cheese and cakes made by our friends), we said a few words, and then turned the room around for the evening's celebrations.

A few weeks before the wedding, me and Suze were driving to a job. 'Dream A Little Dream' came on the radio, and Suze suggested we have the tune as part of our wedding playlist. I had a word with my friends Dave & Euan and we 'surprised' Suze with it at the beginning of the night. I say surprised as I have an inkling she may have heard us sound-checking!

We always knew we wanted to book the amazing Me & Deboe for our wedding. In fact, we'd seen them at Wainsgate for the first time a few years previous. They are just super talented and absolutely got the party started with a mix of covers and their own fab tunes!

After Me & Deboe, we had a short breather before the Ceilidh began. The wonderful King Cole. And after that, a wedding playlist with some of our favourite tunes, and songs people had added to it. Much more dancing ensued!

A few months before the ceremony, Jan, our celebrant on the Saturday, suggested a reading to us. One that we'd never heard before, and one that touched us immediately as soon as we'd heard it. My sister read it out on the day, and we wanted to share it here. It's a quote by Jeanette Winterson:

“You don't fall in love like you fall in a hole. You fall like falling through space. It’s like you jump off your own private planet to visit someone else’s planet. And when you get there it all looks different: the flowers, the animals, the colours people wear. It is a big surprise falling in love because you thought you had everything just right on your own planet, and that was true, in a way, but then somebody signalled to you across space and the only way you could visit was to take a giant jump. Away you go, falling into someone else’s orbit and after a while you might decide to pull your two planets together and call it home. And you can bring your dog. Or your cat. Your goldfish, hamster, collection of stones, all your odd socks. (The ones you lost, including the holes, are on the new planet you found.)

And you can bring your friends to visit. And read your favourite stories to each other. And the falling was really the big jump that you had to make to be with someone you don’t want to be without. That’s it.

PS You have to be brave.”


Thanks to all our family and friends for their help and support both in the run up, on the day, and the days after.

And here's a link to the wonderful suppliers we had on the day.

Celebrant: http://www.thememoryboxceremonies.co.uk/

Flowers: http://www.firenzafloraldesign.co.uk/

Hair: http://www.zeitgeisthair.com/

Photography: http://www.elenicaulcott.com/

Music:  http://mrwilsons.org.uk/  http://www.meanddeboe.com/      https://www.facebook.com/kingcolefolk/

Food: http://www.designhousehospitality.co.uk/

Venues: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/hardcastle-crags/features/your-wedding-at-hardcastle-crags      http://wainsgate.co.uk/

Bus: http://www.yorkshireheritagebus.co.uk/



Dami & Anthony

My first meeting with Dami & Anthony was a virtual one.  Suzi had just bought a new cover for the iPad and I struggled a little with setting it up on my desk, but just before our designated time to chat, all was calm.  The call came through and I had my first glimpse of those wide smiles! I realised as we were saying hello, that the volume needed adjusting on the iPad.  Not being used to the cover, I managed to knock it over and couldn't quite get it back to how it was. I kept noticing the picture of me that was being streamed to Dami & Anthony, and due to the angle, it was a little more nostril based than I would have liked! I forgot about this though as we chatted about their plans for their wedding at East Riddlesden Hall. It felt I'd known them for quite a while as we chatted, I felt that connection with them.

We met Dami & Anthony a couple of days before their wedding, along with both sets of parents, and we had a little shoot around Hebden Bridge as we chatted more about the wedding.

The day came, and we met Dami at The Old Registry in Haworth. Dami's smile is infectious as you'll see from these images. As we documented the morning, friends and family popped in. We felt so much a  part of these preparations, we shared in the laughter and joy. We left the cobbles of Haworth and hot footed it to East Riddlesden Hall. A very dapper Anthony had just arrived too, more smiles.

Dami rocked up in a mint green VW camper (Liberty Campers). We had seen her dress in the morning, but when she stepped out, helped by her Dad, we had a tear or 2 in our eyes.  I could wax lyrical about the day. There was a perfect mix of Korean & Yorkshire influences, blended with Dami & Anthony's style and warmth.  Hopefully the images do the talking for what an utterly beautiful day this was.  I'll leave you with the infectious smiles, but also with a poem that Dami's Mum wrote on the morning of the wedding, and read out at the end of the speeches:

When you were a baby
I said to you
Be beautiful like a flower

And don't forget
Every flower has its own smell and beauty
Just like a rose

When you were a child
I said to you
Grow straight and true like a tree

And don't forget
Every book is made of trees

When you grew up
I said to you
Be free like a bird

And don't forget
Stars are friends of darkness
Rainbows are friends of rain

Dami and Anthony
Love and respect one another
Because you have now become one

And don't forget
When two streams of water join
They become deeper and clearer.

- 12th July 2015 Jungja Jun -


Lucy, Neil & Noah

Tomorrow is all about these three.  Lucy & Neil are getting married, and their son Noah will be sharing the limelight. Before taking photographs of your big day we like getting to know you a little bit beforehand. We love sharing in your excitement in the build up and all those beautiful moments on the day.  What better way to get to know each other than having a stroll along the canal and eating ice cream??  Congratulations Lucy & Neil!

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