Dami & Anthony

My first meeting with Dami & Anthony was a virtual one.  Suzi had just bought a new cover for the iPad and I struggled a little with setting it up on my desk, but just before our designated time to chat, all was calm.  The call came through and I had my first glimpse of those wide smiles! I realised as we were saying hello, that the volume needed adjusting on the iPad.  Not being used to the cover, I managed to knock it over and couldn't quite get it back to how it was. I kept noticing the picture of me that was being streamed to Dami & Anthony, and due to the angle, it was a little more nostril based than I would have liked! I forgot about this though as we chatted about their plans for their wedding at East Riddlesden Hall. It felt I'd known them for quite a while as we chatted, I felt that connection with them.

We met Dami & Anthony a couple of days before their wedding, along with both sets of parents, and we had a little shoot around Hebden Bridge as we chatted more about the wedding.

The day came, and we met Dami at The Old Registry in Haworth. Dami's smile is infectious as you'll see from these images. As we documented the morning, friends and family popped in. We felt so much a  part of these preparations, we shared in the laughter and joy. We left the cobbles of Haworth and hot footed it to East Riddlesden Hall. A very dapper Anthony had just arrived too, more smiles.

Dami rocked up in a mint green VW camper (Liberty Campers). We had seen her dress in the morning, but when she stepped out, helped by her Dad, we had a tear or 2 in our eyes.  I could wax lyrical about the day. There was a perfect mix of Korean & Yorkshire influences, blended with Dami & Anthony's style and warmth.  Hopefully the images do the talking for what an utterly beautiful day this was.  I'll leave you with the infectious smiles, but also with a poem that Dami's Mum wrote on the morning of the wedding, and read out at the end of the speeches:

When you were a baby
I said to you
Be beautiful like a flower

And don't forget
Every flower has its own smell and beauty
Just like a rose

When you were a child
I said to you
Grow straight and true like a tree

And don't forget
Every book is made of trees

When you grew up
I said to you
Be free like a bird

And don't forget
Stars are friends of darkness
Rainbows are friends of rain

Dami and Anthony
Love and respect one another
Because you have now become one

And don't forget
When two streams of water join
They become deeper and clearer.

- 12th July 2015 Jungja Jun -


Rachael and Shaun - and a little slice of North Yorkshire

We've been living in Hebden Bridge for seven years now. We know the area pretty well, but love it when we find, or someone introduces us to a walk, a new path, a view not yet seen.

And so it was when we met Rachael & Shaun for their pre-wedding shoot. Tomorrow they're getting married just down the road from where I grew up in North Yorkshire. Rachael went to the same school as me (albeit it a decade and a bit later!).  We met them early one Sunday morning by the duck pond.  The place that signified half way on my school bus journey, and time for a bit more of a snooze.  And then we took a short trip out onto the moor.  A road I'd never been along before. The familiar sight of Rylstone Cross, and Pendle Hill in the distance, but there were new points of interest to see.  The soundtrack to the morning was provided by curlews, an oystercatcher or two, and many sheep.

Such a peaceful way to spend a Sunday morning.  We're looking forward to being a part of your day you two!

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