Taylor's Haircut. 'I Can See My Ears!'

If you're like me, we've all had that one haircut that stands out above the rest. That rebellion cut, or a dabble with a perm, fringes in, fringes out, bobs, streaks, or the holding onto a magazine picture 'make me look like this' cut.  Mine was at college.  My hair had got a bit too long for my liking.  I decided to have one side really short and keep the other long.  It was the late 80's so it was quite a bit after all the New Romantic stuff had hit the high streets.  I was always a bit behind time, but here I was with my homage to Phil Oakey heading into the 90's.  I'm not quite sure what I was thinking, but my Mum still says she really liked that cut (she was going through a bit of a goth phase at the time, so I don't think she's the most reliable source).

And so to Taylor's cut.  When she came back from holiday, Taylor came to tell us she was having her haircut. This was a pretty big thing for Taylor as she's always had long hair, and was going to have a pixie cut. She wanted to give her hair to the Little Princess Trust who make wigs for children who've lost their own hair through cancer treatment.

I asked Taylor why she wanted to change her hairstyle...

'I went in the pool everyday on holiday, and when I got out, my hair was such a mess. It took ages to brush it out.  I didn't want to spend that much time having to brush it, I just wanted to be out there playing with my brother.  I just wanted to cut it all off!  I had thought about it before.  I've always liked pixie cuts, and I've been seeing them more often lately.  I'm starting high school in a few weeks, and I wanted to look different, I wanted a new style.  I've had long hair for so long, practically all my life'.

'Everything is changing in my life right now.  We're moving to a new house, I'm going to high school.  It felt like the right time to cut my hair'.

'When I went to get it cut, it made it easier to have people to talk to, with my brother, my Mum and you being there taking photos.  The hairdresser was lovely too!  I felt like I couldn't really back out as I was going to give my hair to charity, and I'd told people I was going to do it'.

'When I had long hair, I had a habit of getting a piece of my hair, and winding it round my finger to look at all the colours'.

After the cut, Taylor wanted to go and show our friend Hannah in her beautiful radiant shop.  From one pixie cut to another.

I'll leave the last words to Taylor...

'I can't really believe I've gone and done it!  I feel more confident.  I think I felt quite self conscious when I had long hair, that I was spending too much time on it, or sometimes not enough.  I feel less self conscious now.  I'm so glad I did it, and with the hair I've given, I hope somebody else feels less self conscious too.'


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