'A Day In The Life' Competition

We've been offering 'A Day In The Life' shoots for a while now, and we love them. It's a photo story about you and your family, just the way you are. Documenting real life in your home environment, there's such a truth and honesty to it. Those beautiful everyday moments you don't even have to step out of the door to find.

The more and more we do these storytelling sessions, we notice that the photos we like, and more importantly the ones you like, are the ones that make you feel. You can feel the warmth of that morning hug again, smell the breakfast croissants and taste your first cup of tea from the steaming mug. You can hear the music from the impromptu dance session, and the sound of the pages turning of the book you were reading. You can smell the wild flowers you just picked from your garden, and taste the bilberries you collected that made your tongues go purple. You can feel the fresh rain, and hear the exuberant puddle jumpers on your way to the market. The excited chatter from the brave adventurers building dens behind the sofa, and the splashes from the tired explorers covered in bubbles in the bath before bedtime.

The beauty's there, it's with us already.

Did we say how much we love these shoots?! So, we're launching a competition today for us to document your family life in our 'A Day In The Life' shoot. We'd spend a weekend day with you, telling your story in our images. After the shoot, you'll receive a framed 16"x12" fine art image. All you need to do is leave us a message on this blog, or on our Facebook page post about the competition. Tell us what are your favourite family times at home, and if you have a picture, please do post that too! For this competition, any entrants are to be within a 50 mile radius of Hebden Bridge.

We'd love to do more of these shoots, and we hope you like them too.  We're looking forward to hearing about your favourite family times, and good luck! The closing date is Friday 25th September, and the winner will be announced on Saturday 26th September.

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