To Be Free

A few years ago, I was reading a blog about photography techniques, and came across the term freelensing, I’d never heard it before. I’m one of these people who need to try things to see if I can do them and then ditch it, or try some more if I like it. Well, after a bit of a struggle initially (we shoot with Nikon and there are a few things you need to prep to be able to do it with Nikon cameras), I fell head over heels. I was hooked! Freelensing is a technique where you detach the lens from the camera body, and holding it close, you can subtly tilt the lens to give a dreamy ethereal feel to photos with unusual focus points and light leaks. So when I was asked if I’d like to join a freelensing group, I jumped at the chance, as I was craving to do it a little bit more this year. The group is the Free 52 Project, a collection of women photographers who also love the beauty to be found in freelensing.

So here are a collection of freelensed shots taking over a couple of mornings in that early golden light. And then take a look at this gorgeous work by April Christopher who’s next in our blog circle. And then make yourself a cup of something and take a look at the others in our circle - such beautiful stories.

Freelensing is something we get asked about a lot on our retreats, so we thought we’d make a short ‘How To’ film in the not too distant future all about it, if you’d like to have a go yourself.


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