The Meadow Runners

I'm writing this on a grey Tuesday morning.  Rain drops suspended momentarily on the window before slowly trickling down.  I'm even considering  bringing down the blinds and putting all the cosy lamps on.  I know there are more sunny times to come, but it's hard to imagine them on mornings like this.  Looking at these photos of these three sisters has already put a spring back in my step.  I'm hoping this blog post will remind us of those halcyon days we've already shared this year.

We met up with sisters Amelie, Isla & Molly before their shoot (with Mum), and we talked through what they like to do as a trio and individually.  There was excited chatter about tree climbing, trampolining and pool playing!  The day of the shoot came, big blue sky and big sun.  When we got to their house, we were greeted by the most vibrant meadow, buttercups, tall grass, clovers and cow parsley a plenty.  'Let's start here!' I exclaimed, with a rather excited tone.  I went with the intention of making every shot matter.  I've been slowing down on shoots, not clicking as quickly, being more thoughtful and connected.  It's sometimes hard to stay in that moment when there's so much going on around.

We had a viewing with them yesterday, and the three girls are very excited about being on the blog.  I was asking them what they liked about the shoot and the photos they'd just seen.  There were a few thoughtful moments.  'I wasn't nervous at all' Amelie told me, 'or me!' Molly & Isla said in unison.  'I was really excited' said Isla, 'the photos really remind me of paintings, and I really like that the photos show who we are, show us as sisters'.  I'm not sure if they noticed my half trembling lip, half beaming smile as we all reached for another custard cream.  

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