Baby's room is all ready, but this week has been all about clearing out drawers, making jam, and taking piles of stuff up into the loft.


We've been feathering the nest quite a bit over the last few weeks, but we hit it head on last Saturday.

As soon as I woke up, I had a compulsion to get onto my knees and into the cupboard under the sink. This space seems to represent the pinnacle of the activity we know as the 'big clean'. The space that calls to us 'go on if you dare!' That dark cavern where cleaning products grow like stalagmites and only see the light of day when we reach in for a pan scrub and hurriedly close the door behind us!

Next came an ironing spree, Suzi washed all of baby's clothes, bibs and muslins, and I fixed the hinges inside a squeaky cupboard. The next battle has not been resolved, but I feel another energy surge coming on. I'm going to tackle the Tupperware. Don't get me started on the missing lids, they're lying on a beach somewhere with all our 'lost' socks.


We've given in to the nesting instinct and  enjoying this time we're having together over the last couple of weeks. Of course little one is not going to notice all these changes we've been making, but it's important for us to get as much done as possible. I just think the kitchen extension will have to wait a little while!


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