Climbing the Three Peaks and a Photo From The Past.

At the beginning of every new year, I'm a bit like a broken record.  Writing out a mammoth list of resolutions, and then finding said list in March and realising I hadn't stuck to any, in fact, some never getting off the ground.  I decided to be a bit kinder to myself this year and work on just one, getting healthier and fitter!  Last year I found myself complaining about new little aches and pains and niggles.  So instead of boring folk with my latest ailments, I've decided to do something about it.  I wanted to set some sort of goal, so I've decided to climb the Yorkshire 3 peaks over one day in July this year.

My Grandma climbed them when she was in her 70's, so she's my inspiration.  Mind you, she was like a mountain goat!  One day, when I was 15, my Grandma and her friend Marjorie (my Grandma was also called Marjorie), took me on a walking trip to tackle Ingleborugh.  Here's a little photo I took of the Marjories before we made our ascent.

I can't remember if my Grandma (on the left), climbed in those shoes!

I can't remember if my Grandma (on the left), climbed in those shoes!

And then they were off, scampering up the mountain.  They kept calling back to tell me to push on as their little grey heads bobbed away from me further into the distance.  All I could think about was how tired I was going to be at the Rugby Club disco that night, no dancing for me.  There were a number of false ledges, and I kept thinking I'd reached the top, only to see the path still winding up.  But eventually there were no more ledges, and I'd reached the plateau! There were the Marjories with the thermos poised, and the regulation cheese and tomato sandwich and Seabrook salt and vinegar crisps combo.  To this day, the memory of that view is very vivid.  It was a particularly clear day.

So, I'm now in training, and so far so good.  Suzi bought me a pair of shiny new trainers for Christmas, and they've been getting out and about.

My friend Amy is a personal trainer, and she's developed a programme for me which is challenging but enjoyable. We've just started adding a bit of running into the mix.  We went out and about into Hardcastle Crags last week in all the snow.  Amy took a few photos of me on her phone running through the trees.  I came back with very pink legs!

I've seen very quick changes in my recovery time climbing hills and steps, and it's been great having someone there encouraging me.  I'm also trying to keep a healthier diet too, but still allowing myself the odd Hobnob or two!

So, it looks like for the first time ever I'm sticking to this new year change.  And when I'm at the top of Ingleborough, I'll raise my thermos cup to the Marjories.

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