Copper Beech Glade

The deluge of Christmas adverts are long gone and have made way for a glut of holiday ads, enticing us to sunnier climes.  We haven't been abroad for a while, choosing to discover our beautiful island the last few breaks we've had.

We work with a variety of commercial clients, and one of these is the fab Canopy & Stars.  They're the glamping side to Sawday's and have an amazing array of places to stay and have an adventure.  You can see one of the previous locations we documented here.  So we had a clue what we had in store, but nothing could have prepared us for the walk, where you first lay eyes on Copper Beech Glade.  A colourful oasis nestled amongst the trees.  Ornate gypsy caravans, festoon lighting, and the central point of the site - the campfire!  We made the most of this feature, cooking our breakfasts and dinners on it.  It might just be me, but I find the smell of wood smoke in my hair and on my clothes very comforting!

The welcome basket from Julie & William Wilberforce who run the site ( a direct descendant of the William Wilberforce), was packed full of gorgeous local produce.  All the little touches were very thoughtful.  Although it was late last year, we were blessed with the most beautiful weather, and the sunlight crept through the trees, illuminating the leaves.  There's a cabin to chill out in too, a fab hot shower room, a preparation area, and a compost loo with a view so you can watch all the nuthatches, rabbits and squirrels!  The lawn also doubles up as a badminton court and croquet pitch.

It's close to Harrogate & Ripon if you wanted to go & explore.  We got as far as the local pub after our campfire dinner.  If you're planning a Yorkshire adventure, you might just want to check out the sanctuary that is Copper Beech Glade.  We'll be back!

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