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The other day, I posted a photo on Facebook as a public reminder to me to write a blog that is way overdue. I get excited about putting pen to paper (I need to write it out the old fashioned way first!), and setting a blog post free from the confines of my head, where the ideas will have been swimming around for some time. In this case, a year. Like I said, long overdue!

Me and Suzi had been chatting about making a film about our portrait work. We wanted to talk about our shoots, show the interactions we have with families, and how we cherish our own childhood photos. The photos we like best are the ones that truly reflect us as kids, not those posed school photos sporting freshly cut fringes and itchy roll neck jumpers!

We worked with the very lovely Chris and Raphael from Rogue Robot. We felt very safe in their hands, knowing that they would film in a way that would reflect our style of photography. As I've said before on here, I'm much more comfortable behind the camera, so I struggled a little bit at first on the other side of it! Here's a bit of a grainy phone photo of us in our 'sound booth' recording the voice over!

We wanted the film to show one of our shoots, and we couldn't have picked a better late afternoon to take images with Rebecca, Simon, Harry & Jemima. We've documented their life together since Jemima was a baby.

I've put a link to our film at the end of this post, we hope you like it. We called the film 'The Storytellers' and the ridiculously talented Euan Atkinson composed a tune for us after watching the edit unfold. And here are some of our favourite images we took on the shoot. Magic late autumn light and the backdrop of Widdop reservoir.

We love those moments, those sparks.


We're passionate about documenting your life together, and we'd love to tell your story.


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