2014 - a beautiful year.

2014, what a year!  That playwright fella said that all the world's a stage.  The backdrops to our 2014 shoots were about the meadows, forests with light streaming through the trees and heather moors, canal banks, allotments, markets, high streets, windy beaches and carpets of bluebells.  Sunrises and sunsets, golden light, autumn showers, crisp winter mornings, and the odd rainbow or two.  And then there's you, the beautiful people we've shared it with.   Loved up couples, new arrivals, family life, your connections and continuing adventures together.  Kisses, hand holding, hair twirling.  Wide smiles and sandy toes.  Piggy back races, glances, first dances.  Jumps in puddles and birthday bumps.  Stone skimming and den building.  Conga trains, daisy chains, hiccups and belly laughs.  Hugs.  Love.  Moving fast.  Standing still. 

Thanks so much for letting us tell your stories and capturing your time together.  We know you've got a lot to live up to 2015, but let's rev it up, crank the volume to 11, and  bring on those new adventures!


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