From the magic of childhood and joys of nostalgia to the bliss of family love: our work is really about emotion. When it comes to enjoying your photos, expect giggles, goose bumps and possibly even a tear or two.

Sarah gets in to the mix within a child's world very naturally and manages to capture them while their imaginations run wild... and she runs wild with them, too!" 


Your photo shoot will typically take up to two hours; long enough for us to get the variety and quality of images we’re happy with. 

We love shooting and filming in family homes, perhaps while you’re preparing Saturday pancakes, reading stories together or building dens behind the sofa. We might venture into your garden too, or look for treasure in the woods, take an afternoon stroll by the river, or even go a little bit wild on the moors.

There’s no need to worry about being relaxed in front of the camera – our work is a million miles from ‘say cheese’ studio photography. Instead, we’ll create the kind of calm and comfortable atmosphere that leads to natural images with none of the nerves.


Our This Wonderful Life, Captured portrait package costs £475 and takes up to two hours for us to shoot on location.  It also includes 24 gorgeous 6 x 4 fine art prints presented in a unique handmade photo wallet. As well as local travel and any editing we do, this fee also includes your photo viewing session at our Hebden Bridge base, usually 2-3 weeks after the shoot.

At the viewing, you’ll be given your wallet and prints, as well as a contact sheet showing every image we made. This is our way of recapturing the old-school thrill of collecting your photos from a developer, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it. You’ll also get the chance to chat about things like framing, albums or reprints, and all the other things we can take care of for you.

a note on our wallets

Like everything we do, there’s a story behind our wallets.  While we love modern digital photography and the creative freedom it gives us, we love nostalgia more. You see, we’re old enough to remember the anticipation of waiting and the thrill of picking our pictures up, all those years ago. We wanted to recapture that special feeling, and the feeling of having an actual ‘thing’ to take home and get our hands on. It turns out our customers miss that stuff too. 

Your fine art prints and the wallet we present them in are that ‘thing’. Importantly for us, the wallet itself was designed and made by people we know right here in Hebden Bridge.  We want you to enjoy having it to hand, passing it around, and even smelling the ink if that’s what moves you most. That’s because our finished product is never just the images on the paper: it’s also the goose bumps they produce.

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What People Say

"We are so glad that we first contacted Sarah to photograph our family when the girls were very young and since then she has created for us a cherished document of our children as they grow. The photos that Sarah has taken are so special as she uniquely portrays the girls as individuals as well as their relationship as sisters. The shoot is a relaxed and fun occasion which for the children feels more like an adventure. Sarah manages to capture those magical moments in time, which as the girls grow, become ever more precious".