I started filming

 in a few of our sessions a couple of years ago, and I have absolutely caught the bug! Ever since I was little I've wanted to make a film, creating scripts and storyboards, so I guess this is my time.

We have created short films

for artists and makers, and we love creating mini films for you and your family. We like to record the way your little and big kids are at this time in their life, the little things they say, the way they curl their hair, their hugs for you.

If you'd like more information

or to book a session, just get in touch. Our short films start at £495. 

Ethel & Mabel

A short film about two sisters and their cosy Saturday morning at home. Somebody told us recently that they watch this when they're feeling a bit down in the dumps and it lifts them right back up!

Count to Ninety

A short film about 11yr old Hanna who enjoys wild swimming. With the addition of a nose clip to her gear, there's been no stopping her!

This Wonderful Life Captured

A film about two brothers over two seasons, and the passage of time.

A Morning With Jeweller Toby Cotterill

A film about Toby’s inspirations and processes.

Halifax Borough Market

A look inside at the people, the heart and soul of Halifax Borough Market.


As their eldest son is 18, and thoughts turn to leaving home, this lovely family wanted me to capture him and their time together.


Here's a short film of Sebastian decorating their family Christmas tree. He told me with much excitement that it was a real tree, not a pretend one, as you'll hear from his excited chats on the film.




A tale of two sisters. This is one of the first family films I made, with a mixture of footage and stills.

One afternoon spent with Mum talking about her childhood memories.