For us, in our photos, we want to take you and your children back to feeling the sun on your skin, smelling the soup cooking on the hob, and the net curtain tickling your toes as you’re hiding behind it…

We capture, not create, family moments.

Ordinary, extraordinary moments, the ones that make up childhood.

Our images record memories as they are, not as we think they should be. Real life, nothing posed or contrived.

We are interested in telling your stories of the everyday.


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We capture what it feels like to be a child. We always try and take photographs and films from the child’s point of view, and in that moment, we are part of your family. At a time when desaturation is the norm, we want our children to know that they were surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colour, that the grass was always green and the sky was always blue.

‘It’s so lovely to have our home and family life captured beautifully by Sarah - she has an amazing talent to catch moments in time - her use of light evokes an ethereal feel yet the image of our family life is real and authentic, memories we will look back on and treasure as our family grows.’

We want to create photographs and films that you will treasure and look at for years to come.

What do we want our children to remember?

A plain background with everyone looking at the camera, or that real snapshot of family life, laughing round the kitchen table over a family meal? A dress they only wore once, or their favourite pair of worn-at-the-knees dungarees? A beautiful bluebell field, or playing hide and seek amongst the washing drying on the line?


Children grow up so quickly. You think you’re never going to forget, but time passes, and memories become fuzzy. Things change constantly and these little details can go unnoticed. This has become even more apparent to us after the birth of our daughter who is hurtling towards her first birthday already.

We want to help you keep these memories crisp.


We love shooting and filming in family homes, perhaps while you’re preparing Saturday pancakes, reading stories together, or building dens behind the sofa. We might venture into your garden too, or look for treasure in the woods, take an afternoon stroll by the river, or even go a little bit wild on the moors.

From each shoot you will see between 60-100 images.

All shoots are up to 2 hours long.




Package 1 - £245

Consultation call / meeting before shoot

2hr shoot, on location in Hebden Bridge

10 digital files


Package 2 - £495

Consultation call / meeting before shoot

2 hr shoot at home or on location

34 digital files

24 prints in a wallet


Package 3 - £600

Consultation call / meeting before shoot

2 hr shoot at home or on location

24 prints in a wallet

All digital files 60-100


Payment Plans are available for both Packages 2 & 3.

With Package 1, we will set up a viewing page on our website for you to choose your images. For all the other packages, we’ll invite you in for a viewing at our Hebden Bridge office. You’ll also get the chance to chat about things like framing, albums or reprints, and all the other things we can take care of for you. If your shoot is to take place further than 45 miles away from Hebden Bridge, West Yorks, travel costs will be added to the package.



FILM ONE - £495

One Minute Milestones

2hr shoot

1 minute film

FILM TWO - £750

4hr shoot - film

3 minute film with audio


4-5 hours, film and photographs

3 minute film with audio

All digital files

I started filming

 in a few of our sessions a few years ago, and I’ve absolutely caught the bug. Ever since I was little I've wanted to make a film, creating scripts and storyboards, so I guess this is my time.

We love creating films

for you and your family. We like to record the way your little and big kids are at this time in their life, the little things they say, the way they curl their hair, their hugs for you. Our film packages start with our One Minute Milestones. Those records of everyday. Baby’s first tooth, first days at school, first haircut, first steps. Whatever your firsts, we’d love to document them for you.

It’s not always about the younger members of the family, it can be about parents and grandparents too. We love these time capsules that will be passed down generations.


Family Portrait Gallery

‘Sarah beautifully captured a time in our lives we will treasure. From our first enquiry to collecting our photographic prints, Sarah and Suzi have been a joy to work with. They both have a natural gift to put children at ease. Our daughter adores them. We couldn’t have been happier with the images and really appreciated the time Suzi took to advise us on our products. Until the next time, for I have a sneaking suspicion there will be many more, thank you both.’


Two brothers & the passage of time


Through grief & heartache, this amazing woman has such a positive outlook

a note on our wallets

Like everything we do, there’s a story behind our wallets.  We love modern digital photography and the creative freedom it gives us, but our wallets are our way of recapturing the old-school thrill of collecting your photos from a developer. We wanted to recapture that special feeling, and the feeling of having an actual ‘thing’ to take home and get our hands on. It turns out you miss that stuff too. Your fine art prints and the wallet we present them in are that ‘thing’.


where do you keep yours?

As a family, we love to sit around the old Quality Street tin Mum and Dad keep our childhood photos in. The ritual of it is the thing me and my sister look forward to the most. Sitting down together as a family, the tin perched on Mum’s knee, as she passes the photos to us. Where will you keep yours? We have loads of ideas for how to display them. Maybe you’d like a beautiful album on your coffee table, bespoke frames on the wall, or your very own tin to hold your prints.

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Family Portrait Work


What People Say

"We are so glad that we first contacted Sarah to photograph our family when the girls were very young and since then she has created for us a cherished document of our children as they grow. The photos that Sarah has taken are so special as she uniquely portrays the girls as individuals as well as their relationship as sisters. The shoot is a relaxed and fun occasion which for the children feels more like an adventure. Sarah manages to capture those magical moments in time, which as the girls grow, become ever more precious".