photography for your creative business

One day workshop - £145 - running on the following dates:

19th october | 23rd november

Hebden Bridge, 10am - 4pm

We love photography and we also love sharing our experience with others. This course has been in the wings for a while, and now with us finding a beautiful space to run it, it seems the perfect time to bring it into the world. We’re really excited to share this with you!

Working with artists, makers and creative thinkers in our brand work, we know how important photography is in showcasing your beautiful products, but also telling your story, and showing your processes. I guess we’re all curious souls, I know how much me and Suzi love to take a look behind the scenes of our favourite makers. We’ve broken the day up into digestible chunks that will ensure, by the end of the workshop, you're in control of your camera, to pave the way to more creative photos. We know how important photography is to brands, and we want to help you transform the images you’re taking.

What a brilliant workshop. Sarah was so generous in sharing not just basic technical stuff (in a completely non-dry way), but how much the camera is an art tool, revealing how much the process can be purely therapeutic - and how to use Instagram with integrity. Thanks so much Sarah for opening up a whole world of stuff to explore, and for inspiring me, you’re an amazing teacher and creative genius!
— Natalie Seagar
Business and Brand Photography Yorkshire

what will i learn?

Throughout the day we’ll show you how to:

  • Gently move from Auto to Manual on your camera

  • See and use natural light to give your images a signature feel

  • Create depth in your photos to help you engage with your audience

  • Find your style to make a cohesive set of shots for your webpage and social media feeds

Maybe you’ve had your DSLR for a while and you feel you need to give it some attention, a big warm hug to reacquaint your relationship! Or maybe you have a point and shoot or use your mobile phone for your social media. Whatever your camera of choice, we know this day will help you achieve the photos you’ve been wanting to take.

Through practicals during the day we’ll show you:

  • How to harness indoor and outdoor light

  • How using different compositional elements will help make your photos stand out

  • How to create consistency in your images 

We will also have a guest speaker on the day who will tell us a little about their story as an artist/maker, and how photography has become an integral part of their brand and online presence. Please see below for details.

The Yoga & Creativity Space is a haven of calm. A light airy space with pops of colour, greenery and fairy lights. Which chair will you choose?! It’s the perfect place for these regular creative days. There will be spaces for 10 people on the day. A tasty lunch will be provided and endless cups of tea, coffee, and juice will be available.

(We are still running our Capturing Childhood and Filmmaking For Families retreats in the barn on the hill above Hebden Bridge).

If you’d like to join us for one of the dates, please press the button below.

Sarah is brilliant at breaking down concepts so you can understand them in isolation before putting them altogether in manual. But what I like most about her approach is that it’s so gentle and humble. She takes care to make sure everyone is OK and listens to the answers. She has an infectious enthusiasm and so much skill and creativity - and she would never hesitate about sharing any of it. Thank you Sarah and thank you new and old friends.
— Ffion Atkinson

GUEST SPEAKER - 19th october

chris sands

Branding and Marketing expert Chris Sands will join us to talk about his branding projects, and building connections between people and place through photography, words and film.


guest speaker - 23rd november

ruby creagh

Ruby Creagh creates and designs beautiful bags and accessories which are edgy and unique, whilst remaining contemporary and sophisticated. We’ve always loved how she tells her story through her social media feeds and photography, and Ruby will be joining us to talk about how she has achieved this.