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Retreat: Capturing Childhood 

Weekend tickets now available - £395

Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th october 2019

Are you just setting up your portrait photography business and want to take beautiful emotive shots that really make you feel? Do you want to take better photographs of your own family life? Are you already a portrait photographer, but you’d like to breathe new life into your work?

Our Capturing Childhood weekend offers a unique opportunity to learn new skills and techniques to create photos of those real moments that make your heart skip a beat. If this is what you've been looking for, then please join us for our latest creative photography retreat in Hebden Bridge - we'd love to meet you and help you on your journey. This course is for people who are already comfortable with their cameras. If you're looking for a retreat on getting the best out of your digital camera, then Your Journey into Photography is the course for you. 

What will I learn? How to....

  • capture little ones as they are in that moment

  • create soulful photos that make you feel

  • see and use natural light

  • develop your style as a photographer through practical exercises

  • capture movement

  • break down a shoot into chapters

  • lightly direct a shoot

  • get the best from your camera and lens

  • develop your portfolio


Tell me more about the weekend

We are running our retreat in a beautiful barn nestled on the edge of the moor above Hebden Bridge. When you first arrive, you can warm yourself by the fire whilst we have a cup of tea and a pastry, and chat about what the weekend will bring. 

Over the course of the weekend, we'll talk about connecting with little ones and families, and how to create beautiful photos that really make you feel something. We’ll share how to use the best available light both indoors and out, and how this can create an emotion in your work. Through exercises and photo shoots, we’ll give you an insight into how we’ve built our family photography business, and give you guidance on how to unlock your creativity, give you confidence to shoot in your style, and come away with a portfolio of photos. We understand that not everyone may have the same accommodation needs, so our retreats are non-residential, but we can send a comprehensive list of our favourite places to stay when you book if you'd like recommendations.

We always get so much out of these weekend, our passion lies in our family photography. We want you to really feel that connection when you take a photo, and for it to catch your breath. We all have this in our hearts, and we want to help ignite the spark.

The view from the barn window!

The view from the barn window!

'I've been thinking a lot over the last few months what the Capturing Childhood retreat has meant to me. There were so many a-ha moments, not just from the many conversations I had with Sarah and Suzi, but also deep discussions within the group exercises. It kept me thinking about my why - why I got into photography, why I make photographs in the way I do and where I want to develop and be able to offer. The retreat has been grounding in that respect - a great basis for those just starting up or wanting to reconnect their photography with developing one's business. I know the lessons I learned that weekend will carry me through for a long time. Sarah and Suzi are such kind and thoughtful hosts and workshop leaders too.’ Diana

 ‘The retreat for me was inspiring on both a personal and professional level. It gave me the headspace and calm I needed to really consider who I was as a photographer and where I wanted to go. I found myself at a crossroads where I could either go for it professionally or not and the retreat has given me the confidence to give it a shot! The practical exercises and shoots with children and families of all ages were essential in boosting our confidence and also learning on the go. It was incredibly helpful to look through Sarah and Suzi's work and ask questions about logistics, kit, technique and lighting - seeking out pockets of natural light has been a game changer!  However, for me, the retreat went much further than the settings of the camera. I am so grateful for the opportunity to explore my photography on a much deeper level and start to understand not only how to take pictures, but question why I am taking them and what feeling I want to evoke when other people look at them. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in capturing childhood moments - either as a parent or a photographer.’ Rosie

‘Sarah and Suzi have created such an amazing space to learn, to share, to be. I never imagined I would be walking away from it with so many ideas and a more open heart. The retreat is incredibly well visualised and I feel inspired, challenged and enlightened. Sarah’s thoughtfulness and encouragement has opened a new horizon for me. It is now up to me to walk this path with a new passion. Thank you both with all my heart!’ Leena

‘I found the Capturing Childhood Retreat to be incredibly enjoyable and inspirational. The technical side of taking good pictures of kids is covered well, but the more unique content is the considerable time devoted to learning how to take these pictures to the 'next level' i.e. promoting an emotional resonance with the viewer such that the pictures really 'sing'. For me this aspect of the Retreat was invaluable and has given me fresh impetus in regard to my own business. The Retreat is thoroughly recommended for photographers of all levels’. David

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