Portraits - the experience


Our family portraits are our passion, they make our hearts sing!  WIDE SMILES, wind tangled hair, muddy fingers, sandy toes - we love to capture the essence of childhood, those beautiful connections, those moments you share as a family.

We find that when kids are engaged in an activity & enjoying something they're doing, they forget about us and the cameras and for us, that's when we capture the best shots.  Photos that reflect character and personalities.

Our sessions are relaxed, natural, and a lot of fun for the kids and the folks!  You could picnic on a riverbank, look for treasures on the beach, get all wuthering on the moors, or take a late afternoon stroll through the trees.  We can also take photos at your family home, maybe cooking your Saturday brunch pancakes, reading stories together, or building dens behind the sofa.

We'd love to document and create gorgeous artwork of your family time together, the beauty in the everyday and in the moments you share.

You are always welcome to come and see us in our Hebden Bridge studio to talk about your future shoot and get excited about location ideas.  All with a cuppa of course, we love our tea!

Please have a look at our packages page for further details.  If you are interested in a shoot with us and would like to know what to expect and what display products we offer please call us for a chat anytime on 07912 325833, we'd love to hear from you.

To give you an idea of what one of our shoots is like, here's a little film of two sisters called 'In the Meadow'.

‘We are so glad that we first contacted Sarah to photograph our family when the girls were very young and since then she has created for us a cherished document of our children as they grow. The photos that Sarah has taken are so special as she uniquely portrays the girls as individuals as well as their relationship as sisters.  The shoot is a relaxed and fun occasion which for the children feels more like an adventure. We never know exactly what is going to happen but Sarah manages to capture those magical moments in time which as the girls grow become ever more precious".