We're very much about natural photography and want you to feel as relaxed as possible to give you the best, most natural photographs of you and your family.  We like to make use of the beautiful natural light and the wonderful landscape we have here.  

Here are just a few answers to some questions you may have.  If you'd like to ask anything we haven't mentioned please email us at info@sarahmasonphotography.co.uk and we'll get straight back to you.


What should I wear for our photo-shoot?

The main thing that we'd suggest is that you wear something you're comfortable and that you feel yourself in, clothes that reflect your personalities.  We'd also suggest that you wear comfortable footwear for our outdoor photo-shoots.  In terms of outfits, we'd suggest to co-ordinate the outfits, but don't match.  Different textures can add interest for the photographs.  Soft tones work well as do layers and textures.  Do feel free to bring additional items along if you'd like to make a few changes during the shoot.


What happens if it rains or if my child is ill?